Are We Meant To Be Social Animals?

While at work today, Winston was walking the hallways at 7 in the morning. The nurses called me that he wants to talk to me ASAP. I arrived at work, sans my morning coffee, to diffuse the situation.

Winston told me he had a heart transplant around 7 years back and he had come to the hospital yesterday with chest pain. He was getting the necessary workup done as ordered. But while reviewing the medications he got yesterday night, he realized he didn’t get brand name anti-rejection medication but rather was given the generic version. In his mind, his heart will fail if generic medications were given.

He was pacing the floors for us to find the solution. Two pharmacists worked with local pharmacy the whole morning but we to no avail and Winston finally signed out AMA later in the afternoon.

I talked to Winston. He was visiting from South Carolina where he had his heart transplant. He had his “non-generic” medication at his summer home but didn’t have anyone to fetch the medicine. In his words, he is a loner. His parents had died a while back, his two kids are all grown up and moved on with their lives, his wife left him when he was battling a failed heart.

Talking to him, I remember reading somewhere about Buddhism. Are all the material possessions, the relationships, the grudges worth it. Do they add anything to our lives? What are we chasing eventually – peace, ultimate happiness?? Are the word complexities the way to all this or rather denouncing it all like Buddha did? Are We Meant To Be Social Animals?

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