In The Name Of Love

Rachael appeared sad and dejected. She is 49 years old. She has a broken hip, a torn muscle in her leg, a broken wrist, no medical insurance, no money, and no family to call her own. She had had various surgeries done but has no place to go. She has no home to go to, she can’t go to a shelter as needs ongoing medical care and rehab facilities wouldn’t take her as she has no insurance.

I start taking to Rachael to understand how she reached where she is. Her answer – all this happened in the name of love.

Apparently, Rachael was living with a man for 15 years. She decided not to have kids or pursue a job. As per her, her man left her for a younger woman when he turned 50. She moved back to California to be close to her elderly mother as there was no place to go. She started living with her elderly mom and was working as a waitress. While at work she fell and sustained all these fractures.

We called Rachael’s mom to understand the whole picture. Rachael had moved back home 6 months back. She had not been able to hold a job as she was not used to working for her upkeep. The money she made occasionally was all spent on buying alcohol. The fall happened as Rachael was dead drunk and was having an argument with her mother.

As I walked out of Rachael’s room, I couldn’t help but wonder  – is it all in the name of love? Shouldn’t Rachael have known enough to understand that circumstances change and life changes? Is her boyfriend to be blamed for it all? Or rather the blame lies on Rachael for not having self-sufficiency even at his age?

I don’t know how long Rachael will stay in the hospital and where she will be discharged. And all this while, she sits in her room all angry at her boyfriend and the world around her.




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