To Be Or Not To Be

Sam was admitted two days back to the hospital. He is on the orthopedist floor. I saw Sam sitting in the chair with a smile on his face. A new face for him, another doctor to see, once again he would have to tell the whole story about his fall.

Sam is hard of hearing, he has two days old beard on his face and he is almost 80 years old. He had the surgery done to have his hip fixed. His left side of the chest still hurts. Sam took a nasty fall and broke his hip and a few ribs.

Thankfully the surgery went well. His broken hip is fixed. He has a long recovery ahead of him. He will be discharged to a rehab facility soon where his mobility will be gradually increased based on his pain tolerance. He still is at risk of developing pneumonia, infection at the site of surgery, or blood clots. Hip fractures are a leading cause of death in the elderly population.

When I see Sam, I ask him the reason for his smile. He mentions – “to be or not to be”. Sam fell as he saw a big nasty yellow bee in his living room. He vividly described the bee. It was yellow with black stripes and big antennas. . Afraid that the bee will bite him, Sam stomped on it. While trying to kill the bee, Sam took the nasty fall leading to the hip and rib fractures!!

This story explained the smile. What would be worse, a sting by the innocent bee or the fall leading to six months of misery with the hope the life will come back to normal.

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